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by Dieline Author on 02/28/2014 | 2 Minute Read

In Masa, the product is the center of attention and that is what Siegenthaler & Co set out to do. Masa is a Columbian based chocolate company that competes with many other chocolates in the Columbian region. Focusing on simplicity and sophistication, Siegenthaler & Co created a bright and colorful package design that is straight forward and beautiful.

"In Masa, the product is the brand. This is what we want to communicate as clear as possible leaving behind all unnecessary and decorative details. We wanted to come up with a package that would be straight forward and as simple as possible but at the same time remain expressive and communicate a certain level of sophistication, since there is not a big artisanal chocolate culture in Bogotá, or Colombia for that matter. We decided to for go any naming, and overly wordy descriptions, instead opting for the basic No1, No2, No3, & No4, nomenclature, and an honest description of the ingredients in each chocolate bar. We used colors deliberately and were very happy with the result, since it does look 'South American' in a way, Colombia is a tropical country and our ingredients are sourced from such places, so it was important for us to retain that identity."

Editorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photograph

Designed by Siegenthaler & Co

Creative Director & Designer: Oliver Siegenthaler Photography: Lucho Mariño

Country: Colombia

City: Bogota