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Ministry of Clouds

by Andrew Gibbs on 02/26/2014 | 2 Minute Read

Ministry of Clouds is a stunning new Australian wine brand designed by Parallax Design:

The evocative brand name reveals a paradox — one entity made up of two opposites. The yin to the yang. Ministry of Clouds references the acceptance that whilst some things in life can be controlled (Ministry) others cannot (Clouds). The brief Parallax developed called for Ministry of Clouds to be positioned as a contemporary, serious, high-quality wine brand. A brand that avoided trend. A brand that, like the wine, includes nothing superfluous to the end. A brand that would still be relevant and contemporary in 20 years time. The Ministry of Clouds logo is based on cloud classification symbols and the crystal structure of ice. It serves as the science in counterpoint to the prose. Thickly textured stock, de-bossing and heavy weight imported glass complete the premium statement. 

Editorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photograph

AgencyParallax Design

Location: Adelaide, Australia

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