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Grace and James Candles Co.

by Diane Lindquist on 02/26/2014 | 4 Minute Read

Grace and James Candles Co. are a Melbourne based boutique lifestyle brand dedicated to delivering something fresh, new and good for the soul.

Their candles are hand poured in Melbourne, Australia using all natural ingredients, including soy and coconut oil blended wax. Featuring a double wick for optimal burning, our signature size lasts for over 80 hours.

Inspired by a love of homewares, art, and an obsession with candles Grace and James Candles Co. have worked tirelessly to source and develop a 100% local product that is still affordable. Each candle comes in a beautiful pattern designed by artists and designers that Grace and James Candles Co. candle hand selects.

Spicy Pear Featuring Curio & Curio

Born out of their insane creative talent and interior styling experience, labels Two Ruffians and Curio & Curio were born. The bold and bright home wares range, known for their quirky patterns and characters are all hand screen printed by Nick and Clair in their Melbourne studio.  

“The Inspiration behind our design was to create an eye catching design that visually evokes ‘Spicy Pear’ We designed strong geometric pattern using a simple pear shape with a nod towards 1950’s wallpaper. I chose warm oranges and pinks to conjure up a spicy feel. The grey background is the perfect foil for the bright colours, so they pop off the packaging. By flipping and mirroring the pear shape I’ve also created an inverted pattern which reminds me of Middle Eastern / Moroccan tile patterns or architecture.The design process involved starting with the basics, using a pencil and a piece of paper I drew the pear shape which we scanned in to the computer. From there it was a case of creating a pear pattern and introducing colours to create the spicy feel.”
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Moroccan Mango & Honey Featuring Hunting For George

Hunting for George is an independent lifestyle brand brought to you by an eclectic bunch of Melbourne folk. Inspired by life and everything in-between.

“The inspiration behind my design was... I love my scent ‘Moroccan Mango and Honey’. Instantly it made me think of seductive belly dancers dripping in jewels, dancing hypnotically somewhere in an indulgent Moroccan palace surrounded by nothing but patterns, colours and gold.The design process involved... sketching the patterns first using a few different mediums. I used markers and pencil to create the geometric shapes and watercolour to create the soft, textured blocks of colour. I then photocopied found images of belly dancers and reworked these on the computer to create strong contrast. Then combined all these different elements together into a collage. Ta-dah!”
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Creamy Vanilla featuring Laura Blythman

Her illustrations and hand lettering scream fun and her gift of being able to strike the perfect balance between beauty and quirk means her skills are much sought after.Laura’s designs can be found nationally through her work with brands including A Skulk of Foxes, Typo, Click On Furniture, Lark, Peachy Gift, Mr.Wolf, Cotton On Kids,T2 teas, Zoo York, Kiitos – Living By Design, Swan Emporium and La De Dah Kids

“The inspiration behind my design was the smell of the delicious creamy vanilla candle made me think of twinkly sparkling lights, creamy vanilla / night skies and ice-cream topped mountains.The design process involved hand drawing all of the mountains, moons and sparkles and then scanning them in for colouring up and composition in Adobe Illustrator.”
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via Grace and James Candles Co.

Photography: Jack Levitt

Country: AustraliaCity: Melbourne 

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