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Laser Cut A-Z Record Dividers

by Tiffanie Pfrang on 02/19/2014 | 2 Minute Read

Kate Koeppel Design initially wanted to find a beautiful solution to organize their growing vinyl record collection. After an extensive search, they have discovered only a few products exists and nearly all of them plastic, ugly, poorly made or a combination of all three. Not content with the options available, they decided to build a better on that will be useful and aesthetically pleasing. 

This collection is designed and manufactured by a team of craftswomen (and men) in San Francisco, California. Lead by visual designer Kate Koeppel, the production team includes laser cutting specialists, a master letterpress printer and two teenage production assistants. The collection is designed for both vertically and horizontally stored record collections, with two different engraved alphabet styles to choose from. Every element, from the initial design to product development, material selection, production and packaging is meticulously handcrafted. Each made to order set is packaged with care in a one-color screen printed box, bound with a ribbon and two-color letterpress label.


Editorial photograph


Editorial photograph Editorial photograph


Editorial photograph Editorial photograph

Letter Pressed Labels 

Editorial photograph Editorial photograph

Product & Packaging Design: Kate Koeppel, Kate Koeppel Design

City: San Francisco, Ca 

Country: United States 

Printing: James Tucker, The Aesthetic Union 

Shop: Shop.katekoeppel.com

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