Spotlight: Little Big Brands

by Diane Lindquist on 02/28/2014 | 4 Minute Read

Little Big Brands has been creating extraordinary branding and package design since 2001.

"Our name is a pretty good representation of the firm itself – we are the perfect mix of little and big. Our work environment fosters creativity and exploration, and an entrepreneurial spirit abounds at Little Big. At the end of the day, our goal is to do great work with a handful of fearless clients."

With that kind of direction and fearlessness, we introduce Little Big Brands' spotlight.

V8 Harvest

“Taking a big brand and achieving a more local, small batch feel is what we accomplished for V8 Harvest. Their first foray into fresh juice comes to life through custom photography and hand-tooled elements like a craft hangtag that highlights product branding.”
Editorial photograph


Bolthouse Farms

“For Bolthouse Farms’ fabulous seasonal beverages, we drew the consumer into the experience by placing each product into a festive scene where you could taste and smell the aromas by just looking at the bottle. The finished product elicits a premium yet fun experience.”
Editorial photograph


Something Natural

“A seamless design that flows from brandmark to illustration is the showstopper for Something Natural. This redesign is the definition of modern femininity. Screen printing on these cobalt bottles provides a lovely blue sky canvas and ups the premium factor.”
Editorial photograph



“The PediaLax redesign was all about achieving a delicate balance – giving mom enough cues to quickly recognize the brand as a children’s product, appealing to children in order to gain compliance, while still feeling efficacious and medicinal.”
Editorial photograph


The Epic Seed

“Possibly the most on-trend product of the last year, The Epic Seed takes a handcrafted approach, graphically depicting all the nutritional benefits of the brand while leaving a very open canvas to highlight the beautiful product itself.”
Editorial photograph


Salt of the Earth Bakery

“Salt of the Earth Bakery makes the most delicious cookies and brownies on the planet. That is why we just couldn’t see the packaging as anything other than unique pieces of art. From the painted boxes to the tongue-in-cheek copy, this brand is one-of-a-kind.”
Editorial photograph



“Contac was an exercise in control. Our job was to clean up the pack – help consumer’s understand brand benefits, find the products that were right for them, and solve some challenges like broken color coding. Along the way, we also gave them a more dynamic brandmark and better typography.”
Editorial photograph


Summer's Eve

“Our work for Summer’s Eve redefined the category and reintroduced the brand to a whole new world of modern female consumers. The job started with brand positioning and carried all the way through to shelf-stopping new packaging with custom typography, illustration, colors and a meaningful new identity.”
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All projects are designed by Little Big Brands

Country: United States

City: New York

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