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by Jessica Deseo on 12/11/2014 | 3 Minute Read

Trilogy Natural has created a special holiday gift set that is festive yet not overly done. "Every year we create a set of special Christmas gift sets, keeping the design fresh and thinking about sustainability and being able to re-use our packaging."

"This year I was asked to design something with a bespoke pattern that while it's festive isn't overly Christmasy so people could re-use the boxes for years to come. We also wanted something that was beautiful enough the people wouldn't even need to wrap their gift, they could just slip off the sleeve to keep the products a surprise and tie on a gift tag."

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The Pattern: The final pattern I came up with is a abstract illustration, using our brand red and mixing it with purple and orange to give the over all look a element of surprise - a unexpected combination of colours that work well together. I wanted the design to be elegant without looking too old fashioned so started but illustrating a lily and then pulling it apart to create the abstract pattern. By doing this it's given the pattern a fluidity to it and added a bit of glamour to the design. The pattern has also been flexible for us to use in different ways ie, on posters, online, in advertising and more. 

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"The carton: We wanted packaging that was sturdy so people could reuse it and also so keep the products inside secure even after someone has taken off the sleeve. We decided on a cigarette box dieline with a backing to it and ribbon tag with our logo to help the lucky recipient open their gift. I decided to keep the internal draw in our brand red and the outer cover do the talking with the pattern. 

The sleeve: The general feedback from our sales team is that customers like to be able to see what they'll be buying straight away and to also give them a idea of the products size - and other members of the team wanted the pattern to be very visible. To do this I created cut out dielines with our stacked product for each sleeve. The aim was to show the size of the products while leaving space of the essential information and of course showing off the pattern design to our consumers. The sleeves wrap around the outside of the packaging and slide off easily. "

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"The gift with purchase bauble: We also create a free gift yearly and this year we've created the Trilogy favourites which is a bauble that opens and inside holds four of our most popular products in it. The pattern was wrapped around each side of the bauble and closes seamlessly so it doesn't matter how you attached the bauble the pattern will always work. The ribbon is the same as the ribbon on the side of our boxes but with out logo repeated and on a thinner ribbon."

Editorial photograph Editorial photograph Editorial photograph Editorial photograph

Designed by: Tamsyn Standeaven - Inhouse Designer for Trilogy Natural ProductsCity / Country: Wellington, New Zealand

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