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Prohibition Kombucha

by Elena Massucco on 12/22/2014 | 2 Minute Read

Prohibition Kombucha  is the latest craft brew to come out of Minneapolis-St. Paul’s but isn’t made from barley and hops. A fermented non-alcoholic probiotic beverage produced with high-quality teas and fruit or floral flavourings, Prohibition Kombucha it’s named after a lightly effervescent fermented drink of sweetened tea - Kombucha- which has its roots in Chinese and eastern medicine and it’s known for its probiotic and digestive benefits. 

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Owner of Prohibition Kombucha, Nate Uri, started brewing this drink as a mixable alternative to alcohol during a brief ‘prohibitionary’ stint of his own and Aesthetic Apparatus created the brand identity and packaging to reflect the innovative and bold character of the drink. “Early creative direction for the brand suggested looking to liquor as the competition, as opposed to the wellness aisle. It’s not called Prohibition for the non-alcoholic healthiness of the drink, but for the raw, decadent and resourceful underbelly that prohibition breeds. ““The packaging is a blend of prohibition-era American modernism, 19th century French libertinism, Chinese name seals, and pre-Castro bottles of rum. Its more of a guilty pleasure than a responsibility”

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Designed by Aesthetic Apparatus

Client: Prohibition Kombucha

Country: United States 

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