On The Future: A Forecast of Near-Future Trends by Sterling Brands

by Andrew Gibbs on 12/03/2014 | 2 Minute Read

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Imagine a world where urbanization and a desire for healthy living result in next-level products like pockets embedded with a silver-based, antimicrobial nanotextile that sanitizes your hands on the go, or pots and pans that broadcast your every pancake flip and soup stir, or a rewards card that measures your credibility and trust for the sharing economy. 

That future is not as far-off as you think. Sterling Brands, a world-class brand strategy, design and innovation firm, shares with The Dieline's readers On the Future, its first annual forecast of the trends and products that will shape our lives in the near future.  

“We’re really excited about the possibilities for consumers and brands in the near future. We predict there will be a plethora of products and services grown out of the convergence of technological advancements and consumer needs. For example, with more than half of the adult American population made up of single people, one of the most promising trends we see makes the connection between urbanization and single-serve food items.”
— Deedee Gordon, President of Innovation at Sterling Brands

Using a cross-section of cultural anthropology, market research, trends observation, forecasting, and industrial and experiential design, Sterling Brands not only forecasts the future, but they have actually designed products based on the trends that they have observed. The report examines consumer data and global trends in industries as varied as fashion, technology, urban planning and food production, to arrive at 15 Sterling Futurecasts, or fully designed products and services that are plausible in the near future.

“I’m really excited about the results of this report, particularly the impact on the concept of ‘home.’ Our research and predictions point to a real change in how we perceive home, what makes up our homes, and how we spend our time once in them. What’s coming will be revolutionary.”
— Debbie Millman, Chief Marketing Officer at Sterling Brands

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