Craig + Karl Create Impersonation: An Homage To Artist Robert Wilson

by Grant Van Sant on 01/06/2015 | 3 Minute Read

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New York artist duo Craig + Karl have created IMPERSONATION: An Homage to Bob Wilson, highlighting one of his latest collaborations with illy and their creation of The Watermill Center illy Art Collection cups.

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"The set is comprised of six espresso cups or six cappuccino cups including saucers. Each artist’s design is represented on an individual cup including Wilson’s “OK”. The set includes a booklet about the artists and their designs and a poster that tells the story of the illy Art Collection."

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"It’s OK to laugh, OK to get lost, and OK to make mistakes,” says America’s foremost avant?garde theater artist Robert Wilson of his “OK” design for the new Watermill Center illy Art Collection. It was this theme that served as an inspiration touch point for the NYC and London based artists Craig + Karl, who have taken their signature bold style, design, and energy, to create a digital dedication to Wilson that is both thoughtful, and lighthearted. IMPERSONATION is a nod to Wilson’s impact and inspiring work within in the art world and his impact on The Watermill Center.

Beyond Wilson’s “OK ” design, five additional Watermill artists designed cups for the collection unified by a red and white color scheme. 

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"The two digital graphics (GIFs) from the duo, who have collaborated with high caliber brands including Google and LVMH, incorporate two Bob Wilson stage characters as the focal point, bringing the artist’s muses to life while incorporating the ‘OK’ symbolism and the notion of experimentation that is core to The Watermill Center. Each element appears as an integral part of the design, establishing a link with Wilson’s work to create a theatrical-­?esque impression and experience when viewing the GIF. “Bob's productions have long been a visual inspiration of ours -­? he uses strong, bold shapes and figures to illustrate a point simply and directly, much the same way that we try to approach our own work,” says Craig +Karl. 

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In addition to the cup collection, Robert Wilson’s “OK” design was incorporated into illy’s iconic coffee can package to create a limited edition collector’s item. The new illy Art Collection reaches illy retail outlets in time for the holiday season and can be found at specific illy cafés and

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