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Ous Empordà

by Grant Van Sant on 12/08/2014 | 2 Minute Read

The Spanish agency, Senyor Estudi,  produced a beautifully designed egg packaging for Ous Empordà. The cartons are printed with a very limited color palette, using only two inks. They are then secured with a rubber band, which serves an important function but also adds a splash of color to the subdued packaging. 

Editorial photographEditorial photograph

The photography and art direction continues this theme of subtle playfulness. Three different sized eggs standing in a row or stacked shows Ous to be playful, but still delicate. The natural color palette and bright photography all adds up to a fresh, clean and trustworthy brand statement, which is utterly important for a product you are meant to consume.

Editorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photograph

Senyor Estudi did a great job creating an understated, but strong shell, enticing you to crack it open to find what’s inside.

Editorial photograph

Designed by Senyor Estudi

Client: Ous Empordà 

Country: Spain

Photographer: Marc Roca