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Dunville's Irish Whiskey

by Elena Massucco on 12/18/2014 | 2 Minute Read

Dunville & Co was a company established in 1801 that blended pure pot still whiskey as well as import tea in Belfast. The Prohibition caused Dunville to lose its American market and despite its repeal, Dunville did not recover sales and in 1936 the company was liquidated. 

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In 2013, almost 80 years after the last Dunville’s was distilled, the Echilinville Distillery revived the brand which is now back to life. The product is expected to reach the market in 2016 and the rebirth of this legendary whiskey has been managed, from a packaging point of view, by specialist design agency DRINKSOLOGY. DRINKSOLOGY’s design revives the brand building upon the original Victorian heritage. “The label includes representation of Ireland, Scotland, England and Wales and combines intricate illustration with hand rendered typography throughout.”This typographical and illustration blend develops a sense of brand heritage which perfectly captures Dunville’s 200 year old blending tradition.

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Client: Echlinville Distillery

Country: United Kingdom

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