The Dieline Holiday Gift Guide 2014

by Elizabeth Freeman on 12/11/2014 | 1 Minute Read

We've carefully curated some of our favorite packaging designs for this year's Holiday Gift Guide. Divided into four categories, our team has selected our favorite well-packaged holiday gifts For Him, For Her, For the Host, and a selection of Design Essentials

We hope you love them as much as we do. Happy Holidays from The Dieline!

1. Cartography Laptop Case 2. House Industries Alphabet Factory Blocks 3. Blockitecture  4. Ridley's Table Tennis 

5. Poketo Brass Stencil 6. Poketo Brass Bookmarker 7. Poketo Brass Ruler 8. Poketo Desk Organizer 9. 746 French Blue 10.Ted Baker Set of Four Mini Notebooks  11. Ted Baker Hip Flask 12. Canoe Hip Flask 13. DKNG Water Gun Print

14. DECKSTARTER Debbie Millman Deck 15. Palette No. 3: Gold & Silver 16. Adobe Ink and Slide 17. Friends of Type- Keep Fresh, Stay Rad: Box Set 18. Gigs2Go Flash Drives 19. Rainbow Pencils 20. Perfetto Pencils: Louise Fili

1.Tom Dixon Earth Candle 2. Pendelton Blanket 3. Anki Drive 4. Guinness 1759 Beer5. Levi's Sock Jar  6. Native Union iPhone Case

7. Triumph & Disaster On the Road-Travel Kit 8. Triumph & Disaster Stash Box 9. BISON Bracelet 10.. Poketo Marble Notebook  11.Triumph & Disaster Face Scrub 12. Binochotan Facial Soap 13. BISON Cufflinks 14. Deckstarter Flesh & Bones 15. Juniper Ridge Big Sur Backpacker Cologne 16. Juniper Ridge Trail Soap 17. FIKA "Gentleman's Journey" Chocolates 18. DECKSTARTER Draplin Deck 19. Harry's Starter Kit

1. Dior Addict Lip Glow 2. FOREO Luna  3. Urban Decay VICE 3 4. R+CO Styling Paste 5. Beats By Dre: Hello Kitty 6. Hello Kitty Notebooks 7. Quattro Parole Italine Notecards 8. Hello Kitty Red Bow Beauty Dairies

9. Hello Kitty Wooden Coasters 10. R+C0 Glossing Wax 11. Pelle Soap 12. Full Regalia Perfume 

1. Click & Grow Strawberry Smartpot 2. Obsessive Chef Cutting board 3. Mr.Noisy/Mr. Bump Mug 4. JOCO Cups 5. UNELEPHANTE Chocolate 6. Onyx Coffee

Photography by Marissa Harrington of Bourbon and Goose

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