Eroski's Liquid Hand Soaps

by Elizabeth Freeman on 12/24/2014 | 2 Minute Read

Editorial photograph

Supperstudio designed a line of Liquid Soaps with exquisite detail. With a pearlescent finish, the bottles reflect like chrome fixtures decorated in draping floral. Like its name, these soaps are beautiful and are a great addition to your bathroom, adding a brilliant pop of glitz and glam for when the guests arrive. 

Editorial photograph Editorial photograph

"A new packaging design for Belle liquid hand soap. Feel the natural sweetness of the flowers in your hands. Each reference of this range has a shiny colors: green for Purifying, white for Shea Nuts, yellow for Natural Glycerin and pink for Jasmine Flower."

Editorial photograph Editorial photograph


Designed by Supperstudio

Country: Spain

City: Madrid

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