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by Elena Massucco on 11/12/2014 | 2 Minute Read

Design studio Dando Projects has been working with the Koval Distillery  since the branding of their whiskey bottle which granted them the Bronze Award at the 2013 Sip Awards. However, is with the Koval Gin’s bottle and label design that the New York-based agency takes packaging to a higher level. 

Editorial photograph

Established in 2008, Koval is“Chicago's first distillery since Prohibition, making small batch, hand crafted organic and kosher whiskey, brandy, liqueurs, and vodka. The husband and wife team behind KOVAL are also the craft spirit movement's leading consultants, having educated over 2000 people in the art of distilling and the craft industry, and have helped set up over 60 distilleries from the ground up in the US and Canada”. 

Editorial photographEditorial photograph

The brand is a mix of tradition and innovation and Dando Projects does a great job in ensuring the artistry and craftsmanship that go into the making of the spirit are reflected into this beautifully intricate label. The cleverly chosen pattern resembles lace, but it is made contemporary through the clever use of colour. 

Editorial photographEditorial photograph

“Printed using innovative and environmentally sustainable techniques, this new label features Flexo paper with gold foil, embossing, laser cutting, and die cutting. Gold foil disks surround the traditional KOVAL plaque.”

Designed by Dando Projects

Client: Koval Distillery 

Country: United States

City: New York

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