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Walden Candle

by Jessica Deseo on 11/25/2014 | 2 Minute Read

Walden Candle is inspired by American writer Henry David Thoreau, and his journey and test of a secluded world he chose to live in while in his early 20's in Massachusetts. The scents of the candle are of pine trees, nature and utopia."Lighting the candle creates a moment in which we are able to reframe, and gain perspective over, some of the problems of our world today." 

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"Imagine the world as you would ideally like it to be.Throughout history, people have designed utopias, perfect worlds that aren’t exactly real and yet that serve to illuminate real needs. Contemplating utopias restores and reinvigorates us by helping us to focus on what things could, and might, one day be like."

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"Inside this beautifully-crafted jar, is a candle whose subtly blended fragrance helps to evoke the perfect world described by the American writer Henry David Thoreau, a realm of nature, beauty and harmony."

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"In 1845, the American writer Henry David Thoreau, then in his late 20s, built himself a small cabin in a quiet, idyllic location among the pine trees on the shores of Walden Pond, in Massachusetts. He wanted to see what it would be like to live cut off from other people, in communion with nature, in a simple hut, without the support of machines and modern civilization. He was to sum up his experiences in a book, Walden: Life in the Woods (1854), still the single most inspiring book for anyone wanting to imagine a less cluttered and more natural way of life. 

While in the woods, Thoreau went for long walks, read the books he had always meant to read, mended his own clothes, gathered fruit, went fishing and mused on what holds us all back from living in this way. 

Other perfect worlds in The Utopia Series include Le Corbusier's City of Tomorrow and Plato’s The Republic."

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Read our Utopia Passport for a taste of these ideal destinationsThe scent of wild berries with citrus, geranium, cassis, amber and sandalwood | Ceramic candle pot | Visitor's Guide booklet and box | 80 x 90mm Nature, Beauty, Harmony

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