Student: Klenodie

by Elizabeth Freeman on 11/28/2014 | 2 Minute Read

"The brief was to create a brand identity and experience for the first Microbrewery by Carlsberg. The brief was set by Taxi Studio. Kleonodie is a brand of locally brewed beers from Denmark. Each beer is brewed by a different brew master from a secret recipe. Each master holds the key to the recipe. You can purchase Kleonodie only if you are in the secret Klenodie Beer Society. You can sign up using Facebook or Twitter. Information about where the beer can be found is posted on social media pages. As a brand release, keys would be put in different locations around the city. Finders win a free pint of beer and information on how to join society. The packaging of each bottle contains a copy of the master’s key as a bottle opener and symbol of membership to the society."

Editorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photograph

Designed by Ilva Suntaza

Country: United Kingdom

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