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Tetra Pak: Innovation in Caps & Closures

by Dieline Author on 12/10/2014 | 3 Minute Read

Tetra Pak is undeniably a leader in packaging innovation and technology. The Dieline was cordially invited to an exclusive event held in Modena, Italy, Tetra Pak's headquarters. We were able to sit down and learn about the latest trends in caps and closure innovations. An unveiling of Tetra's latest bio-based On-The-Go packaging. Key takeaways include consumer trends influencing the food packaging industry, innovations, consumer functionality and the importance of bio-based and reusable packaging. 

Consumer Trends Influencing the Food Packaging IndustryMichela Vallata, Director Consumer Intelligence

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Tetra Pak's has identified these key global trends.

Key Takeaways:• Understanding how a consumer sees the world around them and how this impacts upon their packaging decisions is essential to the task of developing a successful products. • A consumer's purchasing decision is an increasingly complex process involving social, technological, cultural, geographical and environmental factors.


Some key data: 58% of consumers worry about food safety.78% of consumers want to know where the food is coming from. 


48% of consumers want to save time with products.35% are prepared to pay more to make their life easier.


Innovation & Consumer FunctionalityFabio Thomazelli, Product Manager Opening Closure & Straw

Key Takeaways:• Balancing Value vs. Cost, Combining consumer needs with technological innovation. • Finding a "sweet spot" with consumer preference and cost production.• Creating bio-based packaging and reducing CO2, the key is to create environmental innovation    with the same functionality. 

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Tetra Pak has developed a cap made completely out of sugar cane. This innovative design is  functional, appealing, and bio-based. 

Environment InnovationOmar Emran, Product Manager Environmental Innovation

Key Takeaways:• Tetra Pak has successful launched (2015) the first fully bio-based packaging. • Tetra Pak's focus is to deliver value through sustainable products and services. • Reduce environmental footprint, develop sustainable products, & increase recycling

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The ending note to Tetra Pak's event was the unveiling of their new On-The-Go Packaging. A package designed for the consumer that doesn't have time for inconvenient packaging. The intention is to design a package that requires less steps when consuming your beverage and as well bio-based.

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