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by Grant Van Sant on 11/26/2014 | 2 Minute Read

The Ambi Toys brand was created in 1969 in Holland and from 1976 - 2002 all the products were designed exclusively by Patrick Rylands RDI. All of Rylands' designs are notable for their bright, clean primary colours, making the Ambi Toy brand instantly recognisable whether the toy is a rattle, bath duck or pull along dog. 

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In 2009 Ambi was sold by Brio to Italian toy company Selegiochi and again in 2013 to a UK toy manufacturer Galt Toys. Galt identified several issues with the current packaging including a very high production cost, (in some cases more than the cost of the toy itself!) and lack of product visibility both within in the packaging and at point of sale. 

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In contrast with the previous designs, which over-powered the product, Webb & Webb set out to open up the boxes as much as possible without damaging structural integrity. The clean white fascias show off the bright toys with sides and reverse following the toys primary colour palette. Simple illustrations display the key functions and add a personal voice to the toy, does it float, spin or bark when pulled along.  

Editorial photographEditorial photograph

Designed by: Webb & Webb Design Limited 

Client: Galt Toys 

Country: United Kingdom

City: London