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Garzisi Saffron

by Elena Massucco on 11/24/2014 | 3 Minute Read

Saffron is one of the world’s most expensive spices and Italian design agency Brandlore does an outstanding job in delivering an elaborate presentation box for the saffron produced by Giulio Garzisi.Each aspect of this unique packaging is so meticulously designed that it keeps on surprising “A glass jar that contains and preserves the saffron stems is sandwiched between a wooden mortar and pestle, made with beechwood. The cap, with an added sphere, that rests inside the bottle for hygiene, combined with the bottom part, make a beautiful, small crusher. We even made ad-hoc tweezers to pluck the streams out of the glass jar. 

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“All these parts combined with a pretty little brochure are then packed in an elegant hexagonal box, inspired by the six-petaled saffron flower. When opened, all sides part as if blooming to reveal the product inside. The best part is, by turning the sides in the opposite direction with the cap at the bottom, the box turns into a display!“

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The packaging is carefully designed to safeguard the properties of saffron, from the time it is picked until it is served at the table. The complex nature of the cultivation and picking processes are reflected in a packaging that consists of handmade elements sourced from Italy and India. 

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All the finishes, from the hot foil in the logo to the metallic texture inside of the box- contribute to  create a premium piece of packaging that elegantly elevates its luxurious content.

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Designed by Brandlore

Client: Giulio Garzisi

Country: Italy