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Beija Natural Flower

by Grant Van Sant on 11/24/2014 | 2 Minute Read

 Beija Flor Naturals enlisted ISKRA Creative Agency  to brand a new line of organic body care products. ISKRA started with an exploration into hummingbirds, which was selected as a brand icon for the company. The hummingbird made for a perfect symbol because despite being known for beauty, these little birds are some of the toughest creatures in the world, surviving in both snowy landscapes and blazing deserts.

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The new organic body products are made from raw vegetable-based ingredients, so the design had to communicate freshness, simplicity, and quality. ISKRA’s challenge was to craft a cohesive story that connected the brand identity with the packaging, the product, and the company’s story. 

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They designed 14 different packaging items from scratch in an attempt to capture what makes the brand’s story so special.They used soft illustration to show you how your skin might respond to the creams. The colors represent the rejuvenation and natural fragrances of the product. Like a hummingbird the delicacy of the packaging is backed up by a product that is strong, dynamic, and full of energy.

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Designed by ISKRA Creative Agency 

Client: Beija Flor Naturals

Country: United States 

Designer: Bogdan Kravchenko