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TransAsia Mid-Autumn Festival Gifts

by Elizabeth Freeman on 11/04/2014 | 2 Minute Read


TransAsia celebrates the fall with cultural elegance. Waves of white and gold are seen throughout the packaging as symbols for the moon and water. A beautifully gold stamped box seals the goods into place and is securely wrapped in bright red. 

Editorial photograph

"The package is inspired by the image of a moon reflected on water. The Chinese character "?" is incorporated in the moon design with elegant line patterns while the reflected ripples appear endless. The combined Image or symbol is rendered in large blanks, which signifies people who feel extremely homesick while looking at the moon from a window and spending lonely nights that make them think of going back home."

Editorial photographEditorial photograph

 "Light ink on white paper was intentionally used for the packaging to show a pure and clean look without applying modern elements. This addresses consumers’ concern for food safety. The overall design combines practical and rational images that represent the charm and beauty of TransAsia’s Mid-autumn festival gifts."

Editorial photographEditorial photograph

Designed by Wu Chou-Keng

Client: Revival empty kitchen

Country: Taiwan

City: Taipei