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Post it- Colors of the World

by Elena Massucco on 11/13/2014 | 2 Minute Read

Capturing the essence of four of the world’s most premier destinations on the iconic Post-it Note and encouraging the in-home use of an otherwise workplace product was the objectives 3M tasked design agency Webb deVlam  to achieve. 

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The result is a brilliant series of Post-It inspired by color schemes that make these cities immediately recognizable: whilst, for instance, the New York collection includes shades reflective of the city’s endless steel, stone and skyscrapers, the Bangkok version mixes up a number of Asian influences to create a spicy mix of colors. 

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Contemporary, bold and expressive, the Post-It Colors of the World collection is a celebration of discovery, style and self-expression that goes beyond stationary to include home décor, apparel and personal device accessories. 

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“In a digital-centric world, Post-it could offer more product choice with a unique color strategy that laddered up to larger insights that Webb deVlam identified for the product strategy today and what it could mean for 3M in the future.”

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Designed by Webb deVlam 

Client: 3M Post-it

Country: United States

City: Chicago