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GAEA Oil & Vinegar

by Elizabeth Freeman on 10/09/2014 | 2 Minute Read

Mousegraphics has created the ying yang twins out of GAEA's Olive Oil and Vinegar. Bottled in black and white, these ceramic pieces feature a silhouetted illustration of an organic figure.

"Chinese consumers appreciate Greek olive and grape products and we decided to design this gift version of the Gaea brand, as a set of, essential, small in size and precious in character, offerings. We used glass, non transparent, 100 ml, easy to be hand-held, bottles. We created individual carton boxes for the oil and vinegar bottles as well as a special twin set version which accomodates both, in a high-quality perfume-like case."

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"The austere black and white color palette, the abstracted shape of the olive and grape fruits, in a yin-yang kind of balance, and a typography which addresses both the Western typeface and the Chinese ideograms, complete our approach. The result is an object, and a corresponding image, familiar to the Asian aesthetic and yet distinguished by its original contents and design specifics; a packaging that refers both, to ancient rituals and contemporary needs."

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"The target consumer: People who visit China for tourist or business reasons and wish to offer an elegant gift, indicative of Greek origins and culture. Consumers, in the Chinese market, who wish to share or try a sample of Greek oil and vinegar available in a desirable, collectible package. All those who wish to try the GAEA products."

Editorial photographEditorial photograph

Designed by Mousegraphics

Client: Gaea

Country: Greece

City: Athens