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Concepts We Wish Were Real

by Elizabeth Freeman on 10/31/2014 | 8 Minute Read

This week's packaging concepts draw inspiration from the color black. With a dark color as its base, these projects spark imagination through narrative in the realm of fantasy. By using black, the designers created a mystery to the product, making it more valuable and unique which in turn transforms the object into a work of art.



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These two soaps and their packaging developed by Lithuanian designer Lina Vilniskyte will have you doing a double take. The unearthly soapy treasures are molded into textured shapes that look like they came straight from a sci-fi film. Bagged in soft patterned cloth with a label wrapped around its drawstring, they make for great illusionary gifts.

Designed by Lina Vilniskyte

Country: Lithuania



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KIWI is a shoe polishing line created by Ruta Jamenis that offers an easy 4-step process for the perfect shine. The sleek black design is accented with the Kiwi logo that floats atop a pair of striped shoes. These shoes, highlighted in yellow, mark the area where product should be placed.

"Polishing Shoes is a ritual. You lay down the paper, get your old t-shirt to clean the shoes up and spend some time and energy to get the perfect shine.The products include clean wet wipes, a roll on polish that can be used to apply polish on your shoes evenly and without staining your hands, a brush and a dropper bottle to add a few drops of hi-gloss liquid for the perfect spit shine."

Designed by Ruta Jamenis

Country: India



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ACHU! Studio created concept packaging with artist Mendiboy for specialty coffee brand Coffee Bubo. 

"A dark owl represents the strong composition of the Ecuadorian grain coffee."

This is a great design concept for a specialty brand or gourmet food outfit. The packaging demonstrates the brand's appreciation for artistry and reflects the bold, dark flavor of Ecuadorian coffee. Each medium, from aluminum cans to paper containers, becomes a great canvas for incredible illustration. 

Designed by: ACHU! Studio and Mendiboy

Country: Ecuador



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Designed by Theresa Garritano Design & Spiceworks, this stout is literally as large as its name. A rounded musky brown jug holding the pumpkin spiced beverage is stamped with typographic excellence on top a beaming orange squash.

Designed by Theresa Garritano Design & Spiceworks

Country: United States

State: Texas

CIty: Austin

Mockup: Palm Street Creative



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A hypnotic optical illusion is the star of the show for this unique chocolate designed by Huan Nguyen. The symmetrical spirals around the vividly bright logo seen beneath the black and while lined sleeve.

"Hypnotik is a conceptual chocolate brand, conceived based on the idea of using optical illusion, bold graphic and vibrant colors to create a packaging that would "hypnotize" and attract a consumer's attention. It is intended to be a new product line for the British chocolate company GU. Using simple geometric shapes - the circle and the diamond shape - I created an identity system for the two types of chocolate that are offered, which can be further expanded by adding a variety of flavors to each of those types. "

Designed by Huan Nguyen

Country: United States



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"The Alexander McQueen Home Line packaging includes a plate set, a table runner and a candle. And like McQueen's runway shows, there is a strong message behind the art. A story telling of what matters the most to this designer and that is the theatrical show. One thing about McQueen is he saw life cinematically, and I wanted to capture that. The home line is a presentation piece of his work and it is art that buyers can keep. More importantly what I sincerely wanted to get across was the overarching theme as well as the ultimate objective behind McQueen’s work which was the grotesque. He believed that there is always beauty in what society perceives as ugly.""McQueen often used nature as his influence and I wanted to keep that going. So I took what society considers ugly and made it beautiful, as he was so good at doing. In the headline, I used pigeon feathers and dyed them black. Pigeon’s are considered the original rats with wings because of their scavenger nature. However, pigeons are in actuality brave, strong, and very intelligent creatures. They also symbolize peace, gentleness and love in Greek mythology. This collection is meant to motivate the viewer to rethink the concept of beauty. Re-examine your opinions, prejudices and mindset, then come back and look at it with a fresh perspective."

Designed by: Sharion Biggers

School: Portfolio Center of Design

Country: United States