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The Dieline Summit: Keynote Speaker Rebecca Costa with Packaging Europe

by Dieline Author on 10/27/2014 | 3 Minute Read

The Dieline Summit's keynote speaker Rebecca Costa recently shared with Tim Sykes from Packaging Europe on her "analysis of the interaction of human biology, technology and society - and the implications for packaging."

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A key portion of her interview with Packaging Europe, really focuses on the future of packaging and the overarching theme of The Dieline Summit:


Packaging is presently experiencing a revolution on multiple fronts. In fact the very role of packaging inside of companies has dramatically shifted from being relegated to a necessary afterthought, to a key component of marketing and sales success - often determining the success or failure of new products.

Not only have new materials and packaging processes experienced significant change, government regulations in every country in the world have been on the move. And let us not forget the impact internet shopping has had in the last decade. Now along comes 3-D printing, drone and robotic technologies as delivery vehicles, and the use of facial recognition technology in online focus group testing as well as what neuroscientists are discovering every day about the human response to colour, typography, texture, sheen, even our reactions to heavy and thin line strokes!

The packaging field is one industry where constant disruption, innovation and fast adaptation have become the norm.

Regardless of what industry packaging is being designed and manufactured for there are two industries which all experts should have on their radar: agriculture and medical devices. Agriculture because there is no greater example of a commodity product which has greater time-to-market pressure, must deliver a fragile product every day by navigating a complex supply chain, and must remain as nimble and responsive to change as possible. The time from when a head of lettuce is cut in the field, to the time it must attract a consumer to purchase and utilise the product, is measured in minutes. And when it comes to meeting new government regulations for food safety, well, it is a wonder agriculture continues to remain a profitable industry.

And second, the medical device industry is an important industry to watch because it must meet some of the highest standards for safety, reliability, ease of use, ecologically-friendly disposal, cost-effectiveness, etc.

Both of these industries have experienced radical transformation in terms of packaging design and have a track record of adapting very quickly to new methods, materials and regulations."Read the full interview here: Packaging Europe

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