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Skoff Pies

by Elizabeth Freeman on 10/27/2014 | 2 Minute Read

Treat yourself to a handheld pie by Skoff. These scrumptiously savory treats are portable and easily a great addition to your packed lunch. Designed by Creative Inc, these pastries are glided into colorful boxes and illustrated with a set of pearly whites attempting to grab a bite of its contents. 

"Skoff is a new pie brand from Ireland’s most popular celebrity chef, Donal Skehan. Containing only natural ingredients, the name Skoff was chosen as it suggests how the pies should be eaten. By changing the c to a k linked the name to Donal and the Skehan family."

Editorial photograph

"When designing the identity and packaging it was important for us that his quirky personality and love of all things retro were reflected. The bright colours, typography and stark graphic teeth are a playful homage to the works of iconic American designers such as Roy Kuhlman and Paul Rand. Finishes like the embossed logo give the product a premium feel."

Editorial photograph

Designed by Creative Inc

Client: Skoff Pies

Country: Ireland

City: Dublin

Designers: Fiona O'Leary & Rachel Kerr 

Creative Director: Mel O'Rourke 

Photography: Donal Skehan

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