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K by Kronenbourg

by Elizabeth Freeman on 10/30/2014 | 3 Minute Read

Keith Haring inspired beer with some pizzazze. Bold and flamboyant, this beer, designed by CBA, personifies comic strips with colorful illustrations embedded in the letter "K". 

"Kronenbourg is a key player on the French beer market. In 2014, it shakes up its product portfolio and introduces an all-new range of fruity beers, K by Kronenbourg, made up of two unreleased 5° proof recipes: lemon-lime and red berries. As K by Kronenbourg targets a young adult audience looking for taste and informality, the brand claims an offbeat and cheerful positioning, matching with their expectations and way of life."

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"The challenge was to step away from the conventional codes of the general beer dull market, and of Kronenbourg masterbrand itself. The concept was to reveal a playful, imaginative and crazy world that would ignite immediate desire!"

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"The logotype and graphic style are inspired from the cartoon universe: pop and crafted with originality. They mixed Kronenbourg’s historic icons (heraldry, lion, brand signature) illustrated with a twist, and simple symbols evoking optimism, conviviality and sharing (sun, blue sky) The capital letter K, with generous forms, is written in big on packaging and labelling of the range and helps consumers navigate through the range with fun."

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Designed by CBA

Client: Kronenbourg

Country: France

City: Paris