Breast Cancer Awareness: Packaging gets a makeover

by Jessica Deseo on 10/23/2014 | 1 Minute Read

With the help from Publimark Lowe and FUNDESO, Doña María brings awareness to a major epidemic that circles the globe. By delivering a strong message to Doña María's consumers, they are able to donate a percentage of their sales to the foundation which stresses the importance of self-examination as a tool to prevent against Breast cancer.

Although its sugar packaging is not of extraordinary design, the concept surpasses its aesthetics through emotional connection. Half of the packaging, image and logo, were removed as a tribute to all those who have lost a breast due to the disease. 

Editorial photograph

Designed by Publimark Lowe 

Client: Doña María

Country: Costa Rica

 Creative director: Rodrigo Lobo

Designer: Felipe de la Parra

Copywriter: Daniel Salom


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