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Before & After: Table of Plenty

by Jessica Deseo on 10/23/2014 | 3 Minute Read

Table of Plenty wanted to create a pure aesthetic appeal and make a deeper emotional connection to the consumer with their re-design. They commissioned Boxer & Co. and created a design that incorporated a soft display of watercolors, handwritten typography, whilst still incorporating elements from the previous packaging such as the leaf die-cut. This re-design feels honest and definitely conveys a consumer connection.

Editorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photograph

"Whilst already enjoying Australia-wide success, Table of Plenty wanted their packaging to better reflect their values, to look more innovative and creative. They had a desire to increase brand standout on shelf, and capture their newly articulated essence of ‘Celebrate Abundance’ whilst adding flavor cues."

Editorial photograph

"The leaf window shape pulls some equity from the previous pack onto this new, much changed design. Photography of the contents give taste cues and the selection of hand-written fonts and parchment paper background give a nod towards the creativity and independence of the founding entrepreneurs."

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"Rather than shouting the loudest with use of bold graphics and colours, Boxer & Co. and Table of Plenty were aligned in their desire to create something that held pure aesthetic appeal and made a deeper emotional connection with its consumer. 

A ‘burst’ of abundance was created as a holding shape for the logo. This beautiful merging of watercolors and fruit textures changes colour and density across flavour variants. Around the edge, leaves, birds and plants form an outline that customers will discover more and more detail in over time. 

The negative space below the burst device creates a pair of hands, holding the device, something that customers can discover over time as they form a deeper connection with the brand."

Editorial photographEditorial photograph

"The watercolor from the logo plays-out as a color blocking background to the sides of pack and houses important health and brand information. 

Overall, the packs create a moment of quiet and beauty amongst the abrupt loudness of the supermarket cereal aisle."

Designed by: Boxer & Co. Country: Australia

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