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Reasonably Corrupt

by Jessica Deseo on 10/24/2014 | 2 Minute Read

Inspired by the Louisiana culture, Andrew and Lindsay of Great Raft Brewing used their sense of humor for the Louisiana culture to create a fun and bold design on Reasonably Corrupt. They commissioned DeRouen & Co and Justin Helton of Status Serigraphy, to create a series of illustrative and quirky designs that created a visual attractiveness to Reasonably Corrupt. Once launched in the Marketplace, it became a fun example of taking risks and being playful with a design that opens curiosity to consumers.

"The Nations aren’t afraid to be playful and bold, in both their brewing and packaging. This dynamic has made Great Raft Brewing a standout in the craft beer market." - Derrit DeRouen 

Editorial photograph

"Andrew and Lindsay Nations of Great Raft Brewing have a wonderful sense of wit about of their Louisiana culture. Looking to balance this with a clean, modern edge, they have been a perfect match for DeRouen & Co."

Editorial photograph

"DeRouen & Co. and Justin Helton of Status Serigraph developed a series of tongue-in-cheek illustrative approaches around the subject of a functional corruption, so long associated with Louisiana. In the end, they chose to focus the narrative on a single iconic image, which leaves the concept open to individual interpretation. Playing off of Helton's signature illustrative style, DeRouen & Co. developed expressive typography to perfectly integrate with the visual elements. As a result the beer and packaging have created a huge amount of buzz upon entering the marketplace."

Designed by: DeRouen & Co.Creative Direction & Design: Derrit DeRouen Illustration: Status Serigraph City: Austin, USA

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