Under Your Skin

by Diane Lindquist on 01/29/2014 | 3 Minute Read

As tattooing moves into the mainstream, a new brand, Under Your Skin presents a product range to appeal to all that are inked.

It’s cool to get a tattoo and now it might be just as cool to take care of them, thanks to specialist brand innovation agency, Robot Food. Under Your Skin is a new brand for the tattooing world. Its specialist care range supports the growing popularity of tattooing as it extends from sub-culture into the mainstream, both as a means of personal expression and a lifestyle choice. 

“We wanted to support and complement traditional tattoo culture with a minimalist, modern cosmetics range that would appeal to all that are inked. Our in-house illustrations of a burning heart, Spanish skull and swallows and anchor are iconic symbols worldwide. They capture tattooing’s essence and also reinforce each product’s USP.”

- Mike Johns, Lead Designer, Robot Food

Created and designed by Robot Food, the brand gives tattoo lovers a product range to, ‘Recover’, ‘Protect’ and ‘Enhance’ their skin-designs, that also stays true to the culture and heritage of tattooing. The brand’s striking illustrations, hipster-style typography and memorable name are all balanced with clean, cosmetic credibility and designed to attract everyone from the newly marked to even the most hardcore tattoo lover.

“I love Under Your Skin. This is a relevant brand for any of my clients and there’s demand for these products. The general view of tattoos has changed massively over recent years and Leeds is at the forefront. Tattooing is now a mainstream art form and route to personal expression. As a tattoo artist, I’m proud to showcase the brand - the packaging looks perfect on our counter.”

- Pete Miller, Internationally renowned Leeds-based tattoo artist

Designed by Robot Food

Country: United Kingdom

City: Leeds

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