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Spotlight: Moruba

by Diane Lindquist on 01/14/2014 | 4 Minute Read

Spanish design studio, Moruba, (2013 The Dieline Award Winner), has been generating buzz in the design industry with their latest works, such as Dolina. Moruba was formed by Daniel Morales and Javier Euba - two designers with undying enthusiasm for each and every one of their projects - who are not satisfied with simply finding the best formal solution, but, rather, insist that this solution be founded in a solid concept.

In this Studio Spotlight, we will highlight their best works.


All projects are designed by Moruba, La Rioja, Spain


Umm is a signature gastrobar offering a fine-dining experience. The onomatopoeias of gastronomic pleasure are the driving force behind its identity.

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Matsu is a signature de Toro wine. Under the premise that each wine is as unique and unrepeatable as a person is, thus the idea of identifying each wine with a portrait was born. In this context, this design is especially avant-garde.

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Number 9

This wine from Ribera de Queiles has the number 9 as its motif. Free of historical baggage and designed for the North American market, this wine has allowed for an unusual degree of creative freedom. The result is an iconic project with sweeping diffusion.

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Rasurado (3rd Place Winner, Wine & Champagne, 2013)

Rasurado is a wine inspired by a fable: the barber of a wine town makes his own wine at night, putting into practice all the know-how gleaned from his customers during the day. The objective was high shelf impact: recover the iconography of an old-fashioned barber shop and thus convert it into a recognizable and classic piece with a transgressive and contemporary design.

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Karey is an organic premium olive oil. To emphasize the luxurious nature of this product, a gold-colored tear is offset by the color black, transmitting the idea of “liquid gold”.

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Mateo & Bernabé and friends (2nd Place Winner, Beer & Malt Beverage, 2013)

Mateo & Bernabé and friends is a Riojan craft beer inspired by patron saint celebrations. The key ingredients are the saint´s day, the color red for holidays, and an iconic image to represent each holiday.

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Dolina is a craft beer made in Burgos and inspired by the archeological site Atapuerca. As the field of archeology gave way to this design, it invites drinkers to scratch off the label and make their own discovery.

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Bienbebido is a wine created for the Asian market and designed to be paired with different food products. A Spanish flair is added by the traditional and authentic menu sign and a touch of humor.

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Felice Limone

Felice Limone is an artisanal limoncello. Beginning with the idea of happiness (from felice), we reached the conclusion that the actual artisan should finish the labels with a set of stamps of the different things that make lemons happy. Thus the hand-crafted character is reinforced and each bottle becomes a unique piece.

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The renewed image of Libalis responds to this wine´s needs to redefine itself as a wine of beginnings, as a prelude. Thus the idea of the Big Bang came about, the origin of infinity that starts with a glass of wine. Brosmind´s illustrations capture this unmistakable universe.

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