Lola Cruz

by Diane Lindquist on 01/10/2014 | 5 Minute Read

Lola Cruz, the story of a muse as retold by CuldeSac™ - The Spanish versatile studio writes the new identity of the prestigious brand of jewel shoes created by the designer María Jesús Muñoz Gozalvo.

In order to relaunch the Lola Cruz brand (based in Valencia, Spain) and connect the brand with the most emotional side of the client, the team at CuldeSac™ Branding has created a new brand image that is able to reflect the true personality of the company. The result validates the skill and creativity of the CuldeSac™ team in its task of adding value to brands through a well-told story. It is their artistry that allows them to endow character and symbolism to an imaginary woman, Lola Cruz, who gives a name to the jewel shoes of María Jesús Muñoz Gozalvo. Over the past few years, this businesswoman has been working with an internal design team composed of young creators, experts in the footwear industry and in new trends, in order to give the firm new blood.

“Ever since I began to design women’s footwear, I have felt the need to project my creations by thinking about a female persona. The women who form part of my life, my sisters, my friends, other women who I admire, all came together into one woman, creating in my imagination a magical muse, who in turn represented each and every one of them. We say that Lola Cruz is a unique, very feminine woman, inspired by each of the women who I admire."

- María Jesús Muñoz Gozalvo, Founder of Lola Cruz

Starting with the designer’s thoughts, CuldeSac™ has laid out a story that gives meaning, a plot and, ultimately, a true personality to the name of Lola Cruz. All of this was done for the purpose of transmitting the company’s vision and values in an inspired manner that exhibits their ambition of making many women’s dreams come true.

“Creating a discourse is very important in order to build value and a brand, especially if the goal is to keep on growing on an international level. And storytelling is a tool that we have used to endow the name Lola Cruz to a unique and personal story, injecting the sensation of intangibility into the brand, which originally was an industrial brand."

- Xavi Sempere, Creative Director of CuldeSac™ Branding

The identity conceived of by CuldeSac™ for Lola Cruz speaks of all of the women who make up the company, of what inspires each and every one of them, and of how they become muses for each new design. By dabbling in this story, we discover a place where a shoe becomes an avatar of unpredictable romanticism for connecting with the most extraordinary and feminine dimension of women. In this manner, the new image and communication supports echo out the message of Lola Cruz, creating content and helping to build the brand.

Designed by CuldeSac™

Editorial photograph

The new logo is personified through the signature of Lola Cruz. A steady, dynamic and feminine stroke that references the design of the author, evoking, in turn, a rich mixture of unique women. Her unique, confident and free nature is the expression of a determined and sensual woman.

The visual identity created by CuldeSac™ reveals the positioning of this exclusive and daring brand, starting with a proposal of unique and differentiating value. Therefore, the current branding of Lola Cruz is inspired by its original values and is rebranding the essence of the so-called JEWEL SHOES.

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Here at Lola Cruz, all supports have a unique characteristic and are able to connect emotionally, thereby generating a strong link between the client and the brand. For example, this is the case with the paper bag, which has a message inside, “Enjoy your inner beauty” that invites one to discover the brand. The Lola Cruz seal embraces the surrounding objects, providing them with a halo of fascination and exclusivity. A fine golden line, a distinct element of the brand, runs over and crosses over the various elements, from the shoe to the cash registers, endowing them with the unequivocal and recognizable nature of Lola Cruz. In this manner, the tracing surrounds the areas of contact where the shoe touches the skin with the insole and the sole with the ground.

Editorial photograph Editorial photograph

The colour scheme used by Lola Cruz is shaped around three different spectra that are mutually offset: beige (softness and femininity of earthy tones), matte gray (conviction and confidence) and gold (luxury and glamour of jewels). Lola Cruz shoe boxes are closets where clients can find everything they need. As such, they hold a golden envelope that contains a card with a personal message, care instructions and replacement parts. The shoes are wrapped up in delicate sheets of golden silk paper with the signature of Lola Cruz. In addition to these elements, CuldeSac™ Branding has taken responsibility for the application of the brand in the stationery and the online supports, as well as for developing the design concept for other pieces, such as the cloth bag for the shoes. The next step for Lola Cruz, together with CuldeSac™, is the creation of its own online store.

Editorial photograph Editorial photograph Editorial photograph

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