Student: Sensum Bathroom Amenities

by Jessica Sanchez on 09/27/2013 | 1 Minute Read

Sensum comes from the Latin origin “To Feel.” This bath collection will most definitely have you feeling calm and relaxed. The simplicity of the design and logo is a great example of “less is more.”  My personal favorite part of the design is the detail in the box and how the watercolor texture is within. This detail brings enough pop to the whole bath collection.



"The project entailed creating a hypothetical, boutique bathroom amenities range for luxury hotel 'The Mansion' at Werribee Park. Latin in origin, the name means 'to feel' - reflective of the luxurious experience that is The Mansion. The design balances the historical and artistic influences essential to The Mansion, and communicates them in a contemporary manner."

Desigend by  Andrew Ireland, Melbourne, Australia


Editorial photograph Editorial photograph Editorial photograph Editorial photograph

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