Featured image for Dove's Pure Care Dry Oil For Hair

Dove's Pure Care Dry Oil For Hair

by Diane Lindquist on 09/10/2013 | 2 Minute Read

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JDO Brand Design & Innovation has been working with Unilever to expand the Dove hair care portfolio to include a new range of premium oil treatments.



The new oil range comprises two variants; a rejuvenating treatment with Anatolian Pomegranate seed oil for age depleted hair and a nourishing treatment with African Macadamia oil for all hair types. The new products deliver a premium hair treatment experience for consumers. The unique blend of natural oil ingredients nourish and revitalise hair.

The design is simple and elegant using delicate illustrations and finishes to evoke premium beauty cues. The Dove brand is all about care and simplicity. JDO’s challenge was to create a design that balanced these values along with the richness of the new range.


“We were tasked with creating beautiful and engaging designs in keeping with and building on Dove Hair’s brand equities. The use of gold on both the bottle and the carton give the products a glamorous, luxurious feel. The little bit of magic comes from the oil illustration which can be seen reflected through the rich liquid as though it is enveloping the bottle.” - Tim Jebb, Principal and Founder of JDO

 “Oils continue to explode in popularity in the market. We wanted to tap into this trend and provide consumers with oil treatment products through the much, loved Dove brand. JDO’s new designs mean that we can expand the Dove range and create a step change in oil treatments for the hair care market.” - - Renato Rossi, Global Brand Director, Dove Hair Luxury at Unilever


Designed by JDO Brand Design & Innovation (in collaboration with Unilever), UK

Editorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photograph  

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