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CBA Brand Engine was tasked with the challenge of creating a visual solution for SafeToSleep, a hi- tech sleeping and breathing monitor for babies. Entrepreneur minded brothers Ryan and Pete Santangelo ventured into a their first B2C product after their success with their B2B businesses. While the technology of the product alone is leaps ahead of current products in the category - they understood that they are in need of a brand that would bring credibility and trust without looking clinical. The brand also would support future growth into non-baby sleeping products. 



"As a breakthrough product in the baby care category, the core brand design elements – brand, product, and package – needed to work cohesively and communicate a new perspective on what a baby monitor could do and why consumers should trust and choose SafeToSleep. As one of several new consumer technology products that integrates with a smartphone, there was the additional challenge that the core interaction with the product would be through an App. CBA Brand Engine developed a strategy that focused on the primary purpose of the brand – simple and smart sleep monitoring solutions – with added emphasis on the caring and safety of your baby for the initial product."

Design Solution 

"Based on our strategic insights, our design approach was unconventional for a consumer technology product. We focused on the consumer experience rather than the product or technology. The package was the ultimate expression of that focus – a safe sleeping baby.

As is customary for a new brand launch, we designed all aspects of the brand – the brand identity, package structure and graphic design (products and accessories), package in-box collaterals, trade show collateral (sales sheets, slide presentation video, booth graphics), and a responsive design optimized for mobile and desktop platforms for the launch website.

The SafeToSleep brand was well received and quickly integrated into the product offering for nearly every national mass retailer, along with dozens of smaller boutique retailers across the U.S. and Canada. Consumers identified with the brand quickly, driving sales that quickly sold out the first production run.

SafeToSleep is the proud winner of the 2013 Parents Tested Parents Approved Baby Products Award and is a finalist in Natural Child World Magazine's Eco-excellence Awards for Best Innovation and Best Baby Monitor categories."

Designed by CBA Brand Engine


Editorial photograph


Editorial photograph

Editorial photographEditorial photograph Editorial photograph 


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