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by Tiffanie Pfrang on 08/29/2013 | 4 Minute Read

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The creative team at STAND MTL took Saul Bass' eloquent words 'Design is thinking made visual'  to heart when they approach the designs for two of Liberté Yogurt's lines; Liberté Méditerranée and Liberté Classique. We applaud their thoughtful process in re-inventing the super-premium family as well as updating the classic line. Both convey different messages within the same family. See more of both lines after the jump!







"Part of the container was printed in opaque white to protect the integrity of the product while part of the container was left clear to showcase the fruit at the bottom of the package."

"When the management at Liberté asked us to re-invent their super-premium family of Liberté Méditerranée brand yogurts, we jumped at the opportunity feeling that the existing packaging wasn't completely representative of the high quality of the products. We explored in many different directions, trying to strike the right balance between quality or even luxury to express the indulgent personality of the products and the simplicity, artisan made and almost hand-crafted personality that is at the foundation of the Liberté brand. As always, we were also looking for ways to create a package that would stand out from the crowd, be better and different, and connect with consumers who want the highest quality products they can find. In this case, the key for us was transparency.

For the first time, we decided to show the product in order to help consumers taste the flavor and richness with their eyes. Part of the container was printed in opaque white to protect the integrity of the product while part of the container was left clear to showcase the fruit at the bottom of the package. The result was this fantastic wave of color that really increased the appetite appeal of the line. We then used black, classic typefaces, touches of gold and detailing to create a package that conveys what these products are all about (i.e. the best yogurt money can buy). The expression of the art of yogurt as only Liberté can create it comes through in these packages and, so far, market and consumer response have been extremely positive. We are currently adding new products to the line. Great client. Great product. Great project."

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"The Liberté Classique family of yogurts is and has been a market leader in the Canadian market for decades. These products offer great quality and truly represent the unique 'savoir-faire' Liberté has acquired over the years. When we were asked to re-design the platform, we based our work on the concepts of simple sophistication, true craftsmanship and smart simplicity. The designs use white as a base and a new signature for the Liberté Classique brand. Large masses of color and photos help consumers find their favorite flavors easily and create an efficient wall or facing in store.

The designs are simple but elegant and are true to the brand that is all about doing things right. A classic package for a classic product. Better and different without all of the overly commercial elements that so many brands feel that are needed when they aren't. A confident package that consumers, new and old, can trust. Making simple better is an art that we understand and this project really showcases the importance of proper thinking when it comes to design.

As Saul Bass so eloquently put it, 'Design is thinking made visual after all'."


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