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10 Packaging Designs That Changed My History

by Diane Lindquist on 08/27/2013 | 4 Minute Read

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This is not an arbitrary selection of beautiful packaging designs found in books. It is a personal collection of what Guillermo Dufranc, Graphic Design Coordinator at Tridimage, calls "design-facts ” - which influence the way packaging design is conceived. Read more after the jump.

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Most of these works shown below aren´t probably examples of the latest packaging design trends, but they surely had inspired a whole generation of designers, like me, that are designing more and more appealing and creative packaging designs today.

I can even remember the very moment when I saw them for the first time and thought – these are really creative and distinct packaging designs. 

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A simple insinuation of a fruit makes, in a way I cannot explain, the brain think that there is a fruit there.

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2. Somerfield Soup

The blackboard and chalk may seem not very innovative nowadays, but they express the ingredients freshness and traditional-made meals feel impeccably.

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3. Cider

With a smart and cunning emoticon generated just only by rotating the logotype, the brand plays with consumers´ complicity.

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4. 1 Litre Water

An amazing bottle, which is useful like no other bottle is nowadays.

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5. EAT

The extremely functional design talks plainly with simple speech. It has been conceived as an uncomplicated urban solution to eat, drink and go on.

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6. Mother Megs

The granny´s cookies! The product embodies tradition and home-made feel with very few graphic resources and an excellent packaging choice.

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7. Belazu

The product´s natural origin is depicted by a tree that looks like a hand holding an olive. This playful illustration symbolizes craft care at the same time.

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8. Innocent

This is an innocent beverage that could do you no harm because it is healthy. The little angel from the front panel says that without saying it. On the back panel they state “there isn´t a chicken inside”

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9. Harvey Nichols

The product image is replaced by an unexpected photograph and in some way allows us to recognize what kind the product is. They used a expensive cosmetics style to bring a premium feel.

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10. Mr Lee Soup

To create a character from the very packaging it is a formidable idea. Besides, the illustration graphic style fits perfectly to represent its origin in the occidental world.

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About Guillermo Dufranc 


Guillermo Dufranc is Graphic Design Coordinator at Tridimage, a leading Latin American Branding and Structural & Graphic Package Design agency based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Since 1995 Tridimage has been helping shape world-class brands by working close to their clients on award winning design solutions.