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El Jimador Ready to Drink

by Jessica Sanchez on 08/21/2013 | 2 Minute Read

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As a tequila lover and advocate paloma drinker, I couldn't help but gasp in excitment when I came across this! I now don't need to worry if I have limes, or mixing my cocktail, the great people of el jimador have conviently made ready-to-drink cans available.

But not only is this a great concept the design is magnificent. The use of just one color against the aluminum can and the wood cut illustration patterns give this overall design a sophisticated look.

Read more about the design from Design Works after the jump!



"El Jimador is the biggest selling Tequila in Mexico and arguably the world's finest blue agave tequila.

We needed to recognise the authenticity and status of el Jimador, whilst introducing the product in ready-to-drink form to an audience with little knowledge or understanding of sophisticated, high quality, premium tequila.

We used traditional Mexican wood cut patterns and the story of el Jimador (the name of the person who hand harvested blue agave) to create a picture of premium tequila and an understanding that not all tequilas are created equal." 

Designed By: Design Works, Australia and New Zealand

Editorial photographEditorial photograph

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