Student Spolight: Native Focus Maps

by Jessica Sanchez on 08/15/2013 | 2 Minute Read

In this project the idea was to showcase maps in an exciting and minimal way. Beth Sicheneder, University of Wisconsin - Stout successfully done so in her Native Focus Map project! Her map designs are for the world traveler wanting to explore a different side of traveling that is not part of the "tourist pack." I find this project to be unique and really useful for those daring and out of the norm travelers who want to explore a different side and avoid the touristy spots! This is such a great concept and beautifully designed! Read more about her project after the jump!



"These packages were developed to hold maps of some of the largest and most traveled cities in the world. They display city destinations boldly and clearly with the use of large, eye-catching typography. The vibrant, minimal coloring was chosen to create a vibe of excitement and clarity. In the complex world of travel, finding your way should be made easy."

Designer: Beth Sicheneder, Wisconsin, USA

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