Spice Route Deli

by Jessica Sanchez on 08/15/2013 | 1 Minute Read

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At first sight of this Spice Route Deli jar collection I noticed all of the unique elements. The typography is bold and colorful, and the sub-title is an organic typeface that supplements the bold descriptor. Also, the unique and colorful rubber band wrapped around the label compliments the overall package. 



The colors definitely speak to the Hindu culture and relates to the name of the packaging “Spice Route Deli.” Each color is bold, bright and directly identifies what each jar contains. The top label of the jar also serves as a security break.  Each label has a unique illustration and my personal favorite being the BeetRoot Picca LiLi. I think its just because I love how the orange and green on the top label compliment the purple jar top. They remind me of a hand painted tile that would be used to decorate a home. Overall each jar has a unique design and would be attractive on any shelf!

Designed By: Jane Says Design, South Africa

Editorial photograph


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