Field Trip Jerky

by Tiffanie Pfrang on 08/14/2013 | 3 Minute Read

Scott Fiesinger, Tom Donigan and Matt Levey created product and package design that they can proudly call their own with a clear conscience. The 3 founders of Field Trip Jerky  (Scott, Tom and Matt) knew that they have to differentiate themselves from the gas station commodity brands. Their goal was to convey a natural and fresh look and feel with their design in order to educate consumers that they are doing things differently. 



"The artwork was a conceptual design of form and function. Using a Kraft package with additional barriers for added freshness and quality, we had a custom die cut window made to better display the product on the shelf. Being that many brands utilize stock packaging, it was important for us to showcase a custom design different than the commonly found generic forms, while keeping all manufacturing in the USA. We decided to incorporate a side open resealable zipper so that product freshness would not be compromised considering we have two servings per bag. Additionally, accessing product from the side provided a larger opening, opposed to the top, in order to get your hand into the bag making it easier to retrieve product. The package and product keeps well in both hot and cold temperature extremes and is easy to pack and compress, which makes it a great alternative to the protein bar for that on-go-snack.

Our color palette and textures were inspired by both vintage scouting and merit badges as well as the country store rations often associated with traditional protein snacks. We researched the use of certain colors in consumer products in order to create not only an appealing and attractive design, but also colors that trigger certain reactions, emotions and buying habits in both men and female demographics. Statistically speaking, the male demographic is the dominant consumer of jerky however what we have found is that by creating a more gender-neutral and wholesome design, we have almost a 50/50 split in consumer buying between the male and female market share. This broadens the awareness for our healthier all natural protein option making it suitable for the post workout recovery snack or meal replacement in the office."

Designed by Field Trip Jerky  founders - Scott Fiesinger, Tom Donigan and Matt Levey, New York 

Special thanks to Lucy Mango of Cre8tive-Pixels for assistance with original art concept


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