Olive Gold

by Diane Lindquist on 08/01/2013 | 2 Minute Read

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Check out Anagrama's latest project, Olive Gold, a cold-pressed 100% extra virgin olive oil. 

"Olive Gold is Olivarera Italo-Mexicana's ultra premium brand. Olive Gold targets the global high-end section of its category and is marketed through word-of-mouth and luxury communication channels. It is only available in a few upscale gourmet stores and luxury-chic hotels."



"The brand proposal aims to not only elevate the brand's values (elegance, exclusivity, purity and tradition) but to stand out in a medium where its competitors' identities either border on boring antiquity or icy cold minimalism. The idea was to design a brand that was both simple and traditional without falling into either extreme.

We played with the idea of the oil's color and richness, and so came up with the products name: Olive Gold. The type is custom made to have an easy but tight fit on the bottle. The logo's elegant, golden serif typeface is juxtaposed with the bottle's black simplicity to convey a modern look that embraces its traditional character."

Designed by Anagrama, México

Editorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photograph


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