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by Tiffanie Pfrang on 07/31/2013 | 2 Minute Read

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While waiting for my breakfast sandwich and coffee at a local café in the Art District, my eyes wandered around and something caught my attention - these beautifully painted portraits of young girls and women from around the world. However, they weren't loosely hung canvases on the walls, nor were they painted on (yet another) skatboard deck - they were in the refrigerator, on a water bottle, Nika Water



"Nika Water is social cause-driven, eco-responsible, premium bottled water, currently sold in thousands of nationwide retailers. This includes major natural food stores, in addition to cafes, coffee shops, delis, nightclubs, hotels, schools, fitness and beauty locations and more.

Products like Nika’s are not only able to raise money for a cause through sales, but also simultaneously spread awareness to consumers in the process. As a young and exciting brand, Nika is using inventive marketing, partnerships, and the use of social media and community to shed light on major issues facing the world today.

Nika Water donates 100% of our profits to clean water, education and sanitation projects in developing countries to help end poverty. Through the NGOs that we work with, we have already committed over $400,000 to water wells, water catchment systems, plumbing, schools, and trees in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Sri Lanka, Brazil, Ethiopia, and Nicaragua."

BOTTLES FROM BOTTLES 1- to 1"Nika Water is also one of the most environmentally friendly bottled waters on the market. Through reforestation, we offset our carbon footprint fully, leaving no lasting negative impression on our planet. For every 4 cases of Nika sold, a tree is planted that takes in the same amount of CO2 that the production and lifespan of those 4 cases created.

Nika also works with schools and waste management in the US, with a goal that for every bottle of Nika sold, a like bottle is recycled in that Nika’s place. This means that we will not be adding any new plastic into the environment without taking the same amount out first, 1-for-1. Finally, our bottles will be made from RPET. This is a plastic that is recyclable like regular bottles, but is made from ALL post-consumer bottles. Lateral recycling means that they are bottles made from bottles."

Product of Nika WaterPortraits by  Stephen Bennett 


Editorial photograph


Editorial photograph

Editorial photograph   

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