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The Brand Union, Stockholm has developed the packaging for a new ABSOLUT VODKA range (see The Dieline's top 25 ABSOLUT bottles) Maintaining the iconic shape, the ABSOLUT Craft bottles are tinted and stripped off of the usual "Absolut' look. The Brand Union created a sub brand identity with an Artisan look and feel, indicating the craftmanship that goes into creating each special flavor. 



"ABSOLUT Craft, born in a partnership with the re-knowned bartender and mixologist Nick Strangeway. The concept is tailor-made to meet the exacting requirements of the world’s leading bartenders, with an initial range comprising Bitter Cherry, Smokey Tea and Herbaceous Lemon flavors."

Designed by The Brand Union, Stockholm 

Introduction Video by Arm & Eye


ABSOLUT Craft from Arm and Eye on Vimeo.


Editorial photograph

Editorial photograph

Editorial photograph   


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