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Studio Spotlight: London Studio

by Diane Lindquist on 07/22/2013 | 3 Minute Read

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Today's Studio Spotlight will take you into London Studio in Wellington, New Zealand. Their mission is to work with businesses in the fast moving consumer good industry who have great products to sell, yet compete with many other brands and need to stand out. 

"Our clients tell us the main thing they get from working with us is product packaging design that improves their sales. They also get a team of professionals with meticulous attention to detail and the experience to craft their brand."

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All projects below are designed by London Studio, Wellington, New Zealand

Rogue Bee Honey

Client's Brief: "The design needed to include a transparent label to differentiate the range from other honeys in the market (that use a more conventional paper label) and to allow the color of the honey to become a product selling feature. Bold colours must also be used to attract the attention of the consumer."

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Pure Tea Company

Client's Brief: "To update the packaging design of a range of teas produced by the Pure Tea company, with the objective of increasing shelf standout and unifying the brand."

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Family Jam Kitchen

Client's Brief: "To design the product packaging for the Family Jam Kitchen's range of jams. The client’s first priority was for us to use design to create a point of difference from other products already in the market. This needed to be achieved with an effective design that could be implemented cheaply using 'off the shelf' jars.

We knew for the range to be successful it would have to stand out and command attention on a cluttered supermarket shelf. So, after researching competitive products on the market, we crafted a simple piece of typography in a minimalist style to do this. The design was printed on a transparent label and this allowed the color and texture of the jam to become a prominent selling feature of the product."

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Wiseman Vineyard's Wine Label

Client's Brief: "Design two slanted wine labels for a well known New Zealand Vineyard (labelled under the 'Wiseman Vineyards' sub-brand) to a target an audience of wine drinkers under 30 years old."

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Swiss Muesli Range

Client's Brief: "To design a set of packaging cartons for the Swiss Muesli range. The new design must include a transparent window to show the Muesli through the carton and use colors to help the consumer to distinguish between Muesli flavors."

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