Rice Creative Party Invitation & Parting Gift

by Tiffanie Pfrang on 07/22/2013 | 2 Minute Read

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For the opening of their new office, Rice Creative created beautifully crafted Party Invitation as well as collaborated with Marou Chocolate to create a special treat (with crispy rice in the mix) for their guests to take home.






"We invited all of our clients & collaborators to thank them for making Rice Creative possible. We created a cryptic invitation object, which was a paper bowl. Who was the Rice, and who was the bowl was not clear, but what was clear was that each benifited from each other. The center of the bowl read 3 ways 'Rice & Bowl Prosper Together' / 'Prosper Together Rice & Bowl' / 'Together Rice & Bowl Prosper'  depending on where you choose to start the sentence, in pure fortune cookie copywriting style.""The rest of the info for getting to the party was there, including a map, all blind-embossed, noting the purity of the brand new Rice Creative HQ. The Invite was finished off with our newly received company chop."


"The parting gift was a limited edition hand numbered Bar of Marou x Rice chocolate. Marou crafted a custom chocolate for our event which actually had crisped rice in the mix. They released only 50 bars for the party. We created the blind-embossed "white tuxedo" wrapper for this bar complete with custom messaging and the story of the Marou x Rice collaboration blind-embossed on the back. It read:

'Marou & Rice Creative have existed & worked together for equal time. To commemorate a year plus of shared success & prosperity, they’ve teamed up to create and extremely limited edition bar of chocolate. It combines standard Marou Ben Tre 78% chocolate with locally grown & popped rice (Bong Gao). Made in a series of 50.'

Marou crafts all of their chocolate in Saigon using purely Vietnamese ingredients of the highest quality. 

Rice creative crafts all of their design in Saigon using purely original creative of the highest quality.'  " 

Designed by Rice Creative, Vietnam 

Editorial photograph

Editorial photograph

Editorial photograph

Editorial photograph

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