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Aguazul & Orizon: Two Different Stories To Tell

by Diane Lindquist on 07/22/2013 | 5 Minute Read

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Two different design strategies can be used to create the 3D packaging identity (structural and graphic design) of the same beverage. Each strategy has its own story to tell.

In the world of design, it is said that there are as many design solutions as designers. We agree on this. However, it is also true to say that not every solution is necessarily a different design strategy.

In Tridimage we believe that to plan strategies it is essential to be focussed on the story the brand has to tell. For that reason, before taking action, we have to analyze the general outlook (the market), learn about the battlefield (points of sale), the contenders (competitors) and the weapons available (resources). Although war terminology might sound quite aggressive it suits perfectly when it is time to think strategically.

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Tell Me Your Story

There are plenty of communication strategies in the design universe of mineral water. It is really amazing how the same beverage, with similar characteristics, could be embodied by a profuse set of graphic resources in the diverse label designs that we can find on the shelves nowadays. In the case of Aguazul and Orizon, each one tells its own story, an own message, which is appropriate for the product and brings out its chief attributes.

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Aguazul, Looking Into The Future

Aguazul has been the most successful and prestigious purified water brand in Honduras for more than 40 years. Despite being a high-quality world-class product, the company and the product excellence were not evident in its 3D packaging identity. The decision was to change for good, not only to get a new and fresh design look, but to remain as a leader brand for many years more.

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The key point was to be focussed on communicating the high technology involved in the Aguazul water treatment and filling line. This is one of the most relevant attributes that makes it stand out from the other water brands today. The company and Tridimage team knew that a powerful and unique brand identity could be created based on this concept.

The structural PET bottle design, supported on the "osmosis" concept, a technological process to purify water, has an innovative shape built by a faceted waistline which outlines slender water drops on both sides. The bottle symbolizes purity while the drops allow us to see inside the bottle, as if they were windows displaying the product quality.

The logotype, totally renewed, is draught by curve and straight lines that render a bold and dynamic brand image.

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Orizon, An Own Landscape

Orizon mineral water comes from the Southwest Argentine Patagonia. From its depths, natural springs which emerge from a pure source at the ancestral pace of the Patagonian wind give birth to a water of superb qualities.

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We were commissioned to create naming, 3D packaging identity, brand and label design of Orizon. Giving birth to a new brand is a challenging task since it involves all the client expectations, effort and investment. From the beginning of the project, we wanted to give the typical calm and quiet pace of the region to the brand. That was the opportunity for the brand to tell its own story that no one else could tell.

The label graphic design evokes a peculiar skyline inviting to contemplate the scenery with minimal resources and a subtle illustration. The native Guanaco (Lama guanicoe), the guard of this heavenly place, renders a distinctive personality while creates an eye-catching brand icon. The deep blue background colour symbolizes the pristine breeze that blows on this land of infinite horizons.

The structural design of the bespoke PET bottles embraces the product as if it were handling a secret treasure. The friendly and distinctive shape is the result of curvy shapes, which also strengthen and improve the bottle structure.

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Making History

These two examples explain how the same product, mineral water in this case, could be approached with completely different design strategies. Anyway, the most important matter is to keep the main characteristic of the brand in mind, to think what makes it special and differentiates from others. Innovation is necessary to transcend, defy limits, be encouraged to change, to offer a product that consumers could be identified with.

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