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by Tiffanie Pfrang on 07/02/2013 | 3 Minute Read

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"As part of a major repositioning effort, the 100+ year old Del Monte Brand sought to redesign its portfolio of consumer packaging in conjunction with its Bursting with Life marketing campaign. Del Monte partnered with San Francisco brand design agency PhilippeBecker to bring the company’s fruit, vegetable and tomato products together under one unified design system.

The Bursting with Life campaign reminds consumers how Del Monte’s Garden Quality products enable them to live healthier lifestyles. PhilippeBecker’s goal was to clearly deliver the idea of Garden Quality through the packaging by communicating that Del Monte’s products are grown in the best regions, are picked fresh and packed at the peak of ripeness and deliver great taste and essential nutrients."



"Del Monte’s iconic brand identity was a natural starting point. First introduced in 1909, the shield has always stood for the company’s commitment to quality. PhilippeBecker’s strategy was to simplify and amplify while defining the brand mark’s role within the context of the new positioning. Extra rules and drop shadows were removed, the leaf shape above the brand name was better defined and the “Garden Quality” promise was born."



Editorial photograph

Editorial photograph


“The most powerful question we ask of our team on any assignment is how can we unite aesthetics with purpose to create a design that telegraphically conveys our client’s positioning,” says Philippe Becker, Chief Creative Officer.


"In pre-design strategy, the team defined a driving metaphor to do just that: A Garden in the Pantry became the inspiration for how the design would reconnect consumers with the source of Del Monte ingredients—bringing them right to the orchard and garden.

From here, the design team embarked on a photographic journey into the fields, orchards and gardens of Southern California—seeking inspiration and key visual elements to work with back in the studio, where photography would play an essential role in communicating the unique attributes of over 300 products. Blue skies and sunshine, tomatoes on the vine, bushels, baskets and garden signs… all help bring the brand’s promise to life at the shelf.

Perhaps most importantly, the new design system needed to encompass vegetables, fruits and tomatoes—three lines whose packaging systems had evolved independently over time. PhilippeBecker created a cohesive, unifying design architecture that reinforced Del Monte’s positioning strategy while still reflecting unique category needs around communication hierarchy, product segmentation and shoppability.

Del Monte packaging will start to hit the shelves in summer 2013, giving consumers a chance to experience firsthand Del Monte’s Garden Quality goodness."

Designed by PhilippeBecker, San Francisco 


Editorial photograph

Editorial photograph

Editorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photograph

Editorial photograph

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