Square Stand

by Diane Lindquist on 07/18/2013 | 1 Minute Read

Editorial photograph

Square Stand is hardware that turns an iPad into a complete point of sale, giving merchants an innovative new way to run their businesses. The product is simple to use and its packaging makes it simple to open.

The packaging shape mimics the Square logo - reinforcing the brand. The front surface has a minimalist aesthetic and focuses on the Stand’s functionality using simple photography. The back is contextual and aspirational, allowing a merchant to envision the product on their own countertop.

Unboxing the product, customers discover Square Stand in layers. First, the stand is revealed, then the toolkit, and finally the power cable and accessories hub.



Designed by Square, San Francisco, CA

Art Directors: Eric ManagoDesigner: Eric Manago and Saphierrina MoelliasIllustrator: Celeste PrevostProduction Design: Vadim Litvak and Robin SnicerWriter: Sean ConroyPhotography: Dwight EschlimanPhotography Art Direction: Daniel Gatsby, Eric Manago, and Valerie RanumProducers: Troy Edwards, Arielle Jackson and Aaron Dias-Melim

Editorial photograph

Editorial photographEditorial photograph


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